Past to Present

Daniel Densham founded Medical Biosystems in 1997 while at University.

Mobious Biosystems was founded by Daniel Densham at the end of 1999, with venture funding.
He conceived the technology underpinning Molecular Resonance Sequencing ahead of his medical studies at Guy’s, Kings and St.Thomas’s Medical and Dental School in London, UK.

During his medical studies, it struck him that the unification of natural cellular replication systems and artificial nanostructures could have a dramatic impact on DNA sequencing and healthcare generally. He filed the first technology defining patent in the UK in July 1997 and founded Medical Biosystems Ltd, holding the intellectual property exclusively licensed to Mobious Genomics.

Mobious Genomics established molecular biology and bionanotechnology laboratory facilities on the campus of the University of Exeter, UK. This provided ready access to the University’s bioinformatics capabilities as well as the School of Biological Sciences and the Peninsular Medical school. The University of Exeter awarded Daniel an honorary research fellowship in the Department of Diabetes and Vascular medicine at the University of Exeter in recognition of his work.

Daniel and MRL is committed to the development of solutions for the analysis and treatment of disease.

Molecular Research Limited was founded by Daniel Densham in 2011.