Copy of Altered Pacific Biosciences/Hologic Collaboration agreement, via SEC Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) office.

Here is a copy of the Altered Collaboration Agreement between Pacific Biosciences Inc and Gen-Probe/Hologic Inc, dated June 15th 2010.

This document was initially officially redacted after Pacific Biosciences

requested that the document be released under a “confidential treatment order (This order was revoked in 2012).

This document licenses all Intellectual Property rights reasonably required” in the field of “Third Generation Sequencing” from Gen-Probe/Hologic to Pacific Biosciences Inc.

This therefore includes the Daniel Densham’s (MRL’s MD) Third Generation Sequencing IP Portfolio, that Hologic(formerly Gen Probe) fraudulently and unlawfully claim as their own.

More on this and its relevance to the current Pacific Biosciences impasse and the Hologic fraud in relation to Daniel Densham’s Intellectual Property portfolio to follow.

Further investigations into the document’s provenance are ongoing.

For an example of questions arising from this documentation, compare pages 9 and 23.

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