Pacific Bioscience’s VP of Intellectual Property, Robert Reamey, claims questionable public SEC document “confidential corporate document”, but may “answer questions” in “over the telephone” negotiations.

Pacific Biosciences VP, Intellectual Property, Robert.H.Reamey, on behalf of Pacific Biosciences, claims that public SEC document Exhibit 10.7, dated June 15th 2010, is “a confidential corporate document” and cannot be released.

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MRL Company Expansion

The Company has now left Exeter University and is looking to expand.

Molecular Research Limited (MRL) is a proudly west country based operation, and to that end we are looking for a suitable base in South Devon.

MRL has always been at the forefront of the expanding biotech industry, and has productive working relationships with engineering and bio companies in the region and globally, and we are looking forward to furthering these relationships in the future, a major benefit of the cross disciplinary nature of our work.

MRL are constantly acquiring & updating their hardware infrastructure, so a good transport infrastructure is imperative.